Iceberg Panelist Discussion

The Iceberg Problem: Highlights from the event

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Teachers interacting

Teacher Collaboration: Creating a Math Super Team

How Tulsa teachers are embracing a more collaborative model.
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2019-20 School Partnerships

2018-19 School Partnerships -

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What Teachers and Students Say About Teach to One: Math

We have joy in it now. I got to raise my grade, and I’m going to the high school that I want to go to, because of this program.
Marvelis Perreira<br>Teacher
We focus on student-to-student conversation, but your role as a teacher is still central. In our classrooms, you now notice more student and teacher conversations.
In Teach to One, you’re always doing something. Because there is no set curriculum, you can keep moving up. Once you know something, you can just go on to the next concept and figure that one out.
Every day or every period, there’s something different.
Aaron Kaswell<br>Teacher
Using algorithms, Teach to One: Math helps me and my colleagues personalize the learning experience for our 300 students, grouping them according to readiness every day, regardless of grade level. The result was that my students now had a constantly changing context to learn from and an increase in student ownership.