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Independent Analysis of First Two Years of Teach to One: Math

Today, we’re proud and excited to share an independent analysis of results from the first two full years of Teach to One: Math. You can read the report here. This report offers us a great opportunity to reflect on our impact in the students we serve.

In the 2013-14 school year, Professor Doug Ready of Teachers College, Columbia University found that, on average, students in Teach to Onemade math gains at 1.5 times the national average—equivalent to an additional half year of learning. In our first implementation year, a report by The Center for Technology and School Change at Teacher’s College, Columbia University found that students in Teach to One made gains in their math learning that were 1.2 times the national average.

Other key findings from the first two years of implementation include:

  • Teach to One students in both implementation years had initial mathematics skills that were well below national averages.
  • Across both academic years, students who started with the weakest mathematics skills made the largest gains. Students who began the year below grade level made 1.8 years of progress or 81% more than the national average.
  • During the first year of implementation, gains among high-achieving students were below national averages, but were comparable to national averages during the second year of implementation.
  • During year one, only two of seven schools exhibited gains that were significantly above national norms. In year two, gains in 11 of 15 schools were significantly above average.

Since founding New Classrooms in 2011, we have been driven by a vision of a world in which every child receives a high quality education tailored just to them. In practice, this means understanding students’ unique learning needs and then adapting what, when, where and how each student learns. These results are not perfect, but they begin to show what is possible when we meet every student where they are.

The teachers, staff, and leaders at our partner schools deserve tremendous respect and appreciation for their commitment to their students’ success—and for the pioneering spirit they’ve shown in bringing personalized learning to their classrooms. We celebrate this collaboration. Together, we’re showing that a new, better way to educate kids is possible.

Joel Rose and Chris Rush

Joel Rose is the Co-Founder and CEO of New Classrooms. Chris Rush is the Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer of New Classrooms.