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Algebra Foundations for High School

The Algebra Challenge

High schools across the country struggle with incoming freshman who aren’t ready for the rigors of algebra. Achieving algebra proficiency is a critical baseline. It enables students to go on to master geometry and Algebra II coursework as well as higher level high school math. Being unprepared has a long lasting effect on students’ achievement. It affects their ability to move through the high school math curriculum and ultimately college*.

A Personalized Approach

New Classrooms helps schools overcome this challenge by offering Teach to One: Math Algebra Foundations. Algebra Foundations is designed to offer a personalized learning experience for 9th through 11th grade students performing below grade level. Learning is tailored to each student’s level regardless of their starting point.

Learning Progressions

In Algebra Foundations, students are anchored in Algebra I, but have the opportunity to go back and learn the skills missed in previous years. Students complete the curriculum at their own pace as they fill in these pre-grade gaps necessary to master algebra skills and concepts. The path to mastery and ability to move on to more advanced courses such as Algebra II or geometry may look like:
-Students who are one to two years behind grade level may complete the course in one school year
-Students who are two to three years behind may need two or even three school years to complete the course

Earning High School Credits

Teachers are able to track in real time how their students are progressing toward mastering algebra. Schools offering Algebra Foundations are encouraged to offer credits based on students’ performance at the end of the course.

A student who demonstrates algebra proficiency may earn a full algebra credit while a student who does not meet that goal may earn an Algebra Fundamentals (or similar) credit. The student earning a fundamentals credit may continue in Algebra Foundations the following year to achieve full algebra mastery and the corresponding credit or continue on to a traditional algebra course.

Bring Algebra Foundations to Your School

Let us know you’re interested and learn how your students can achieve algebra mastery in a personalized environment designed for students performing below grade level.

*Dougherty, C., & Fleming, S. (2012). Getting Students on Track to College and Career Readiness: How Many Catch Up from Far Behind? (Rep.). Iowa City, IA: ACT Research Report Series.

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