In the News: How New Learning Models Are Transforming Education

Schools are starting to adopt Teach to One: Math and other personalized learning models to meet students where they are. That’s the conclusion of this month’s front-page feature for The Economist Magazine, The Future of Learning: How Technology is Transforming Education.

The article bounces from Bangladesh to the Bay Area, highlighting some of the ways that teachers are reimagining how students learn. In a visit to Oakland’s ASCEND School, a New Classrooms partner, the Economist notes how students receive customized daily schedules based on their learning strengths and needs. The tailored schedules are accompanied with a trove of resources to support how teachers and students engage in that day’s learning design, a process that is fueled by Teach to One’s powerful scheduling engine. “One child is to work on geometry in a group; another will take algebra questions on his laptop. Three teachers walk around the open space, checking on pupils’ progress,” the article notes.

Importantly, the article also highlights some of the challenges that the nascent personalized learning field has encountered in varied attempts to implement at scale. Founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush have written extensively on these topics based on their pioneering experience since launching New Classrooms in 2011. You can read more in their Lessons Learned series on Evaluating Innovative School Models and Partnering for Student Success. To better understand the comprehensive school support model behind New Classrooms partnerships, visit our partnerships page.


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