Students at Camp Creek Middle School -

Camp Creek Students Among Fulton County’s “Fastest Growing” in Math

Congratulations are in order for Camp Creek Middle School, which has embraced personalized learning en route to achieving exemplary gains in math. 

Camp Creek, a New Classrooms partner since 2014, has made Teach to One: Math a cornerstone program of its personalized math instruction. As Principal Keynun Campbell explains on the school’s web site, “Teach to One allows students to progress at their own pace while engaging in various instructional modalities.”

Partnerships for Success

Principal Campbell and the teachers at Camp Creek embrace a holistic approach to personalized learning, making it an ideal partner for the Teach to One learning model. In addition to teacher-led learning activities and instruction, the model integrates small group discussion, peer-to-peer collaboration, as well as independent modalities. Earlier this year, Camp Creek tweeted an inside look at how teachers have integrated the program into their classrooms.

Learn about the 10 core design tenets that guided the development of Teach to One: Math model. For an inside look at how students and teachers engage with Teach to One’s personalized curriculum, check out our Day in the Life feature below.

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