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Social and Emotional Learning activities at Camp Creek

Getting to Know Your Students With Social and Emotional Learning: TTO Design Tenets in Action

What does social and emotional learning look like in a Teach to One: Math (TTO) classroom? At Camp Creek Middle School last week, it was a series of “Get-to-Know-You” activities designed to build interpersonal skills and establish stronger connections between students and teachers.

Camp Creek Middle School officially kicked off its fourth school year as a TTO partner. For the launch, students met with their Math Advisory teacher in order to establish consistent relationships and promote a strong math center culture.

A highlight of the day included time devoted to promoting the social and emotional learning aspects of our the Teach to One: Math instructional model. Research shows that students are more motivated and engaged in their learning when they feel socially connected to their teacher and peers, which is part of TTO’s core design tenets on developing complete learners.

The team at Camp Creek first had students complete “interest inventories” to get a fuller idea of what each student is like outside of the classroom. They also played This or That, an icebreaker game where students are asked to pick between two choices and then physically move to the side of the room that best represents their preference. For example, we asked about favorite school subjects, and many students lined up on the math side.

Located in the College Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Camp Creek is one of 100 schools in the Fulton County School District. The motto is “Excellence Without Excuses” and the teachers here embody this ethos. Last year, Camp Creek’s eighth graders made some of the largest math gains in the county, a point of pride for Principal Keynun Campbell, who began implementing Teach to One: Math during his first year.

This year, the team is lead by Dr. Dawson, a beloved math teacher who brings a unique perspective to personalized learning. In addition to her role as a teacher and the school’s math director, she’s also the parent of a student in the TTO program. Dr. Dawson and her colleagues this year are focused on strengthening the effectiveness of small-group collaborations, specifically with an eye toward building students’ confidence to own their peer-to-peer conversations about math.

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Abby Engelberth

Abby Engelberth is a Site Operations Associate supporting New Classroom school partners in Atlanta.