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A Taste of Middle School Math Personalized Learning: Parent Engagement with Tools, Tips and Treats

Middle school math teachers at Bear Creek Middle School cooked up a creative approach to parent engagement with a food-themed event that immersed parents in their school’s Teach to One program.

At “Taste of Bear Creek TTO Math,” more than 80 Bear Creek parents got a taste of how students learn math through Teach to One during an after-school event earlier this month. The menu included not just fresh-baked cookies, but also content, strategies, and tools that parents can use to support their students at home. Participants also got the chance to experience first-hand the learning modalities that comprise TTO’s learning model.

Introducing MAP Growth and Student Progress

Picture of a Bear Creek teacher working with a parent and student -- newclassrooms.orgAt the event, parents logged into online portals to see their students’ skill libraries and get a glimpse at how daily scheduling works.

Parents also learned about MAP Growth, a nationally recognized computer-adaptive assessment that determines what students know and are ready to learn next, as well as how TTO measures progress throughout the school year.


Live Learning Zone

Parents explored the complexity of mathematics that their children engage in every day through a full range of TTO’s multiple modalities. Below, parents were introduced to a lesson on linear equations through Live Investigation, one of several teacher-led approach that provides the learners with their first exposure to a new skill.

Teachers also demonstrated a Task modality to illustrate a typical student experience to show where math and real life intersect. In the Task modality, parents and students explored the differences and similarities between equations and expressions through the context of planning a bake sale to raise money.

Collaborative Learning Zone

Parents also got to work with one another in Small Group Collaboration, a modality that helps students learn team work and interpersonal skills that are critical to today’s workforce. For more, read Teacher as Director: Promoting Small Group Collaboration.

Independent Learning Zones, exit tickets, and a side of dessert!

A picture of jars of hot cocoa gift bags -- newclassrooms.org

Parents and students also worked on independent lessons that included printed materials.

At the end of the night, parents learned about the five-question online assessments called exit slips that their students take each day through the Teach to One portal. Results from the assessment are used to inform their personalized schedules for the next day.

For the parents, the night ended with a sweet twist. To go along with their exit slips, parents took home gift bags with hot cocoa recipes and a message of support: “Enjoy a sweet indulgent treat as you continue to support your child’s success.”

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Geoff Decker