Teach to One: Math named in The Financial Times report: “50 Ideas to Change the World”

Personalized learning is one of 50 ideas with the potential to change the world, according to a new special report from The Financial Times. The report, “50 Ideas to Change the World,” was launched in collaboration with The FT readers, researchers and entrepreneurs, and highlights Teach to One: Math as a leading example of what’s possible in shaping the world in the future:

"If you are already an adult, the chances are that Joel Rose’s elementary-school mathematics classes are like nothing you have ever seen.

Children 'check in' to see which station they are assigned to and then work through individually tailored combinations of activities — study with computers, with peers, with printed materials or with the teacher — before taking a quiz, called an 'exit slip' at the end.

'It’s a big shift from the traditional mindset,' says Mr. Rose, whose New York-based Teach To One math platform is now used in 37 schools across the US, serving about 10,000 children. “But it can’t be true that live, teacher-led instruction for all kids at all times is the best way for each of them to learn.'

Welcome to personalized learning (PL), the fast-emerging face of education that is changing traditional approaches to how we educate young minds by tailoring the content and intensity of study to an individual students’ needs, abilities and goals."

As a concept, personalized learning is not new, the article goes on to note. What has changed everything is that technology is beginning to give teachers the right tools to tailor material in more meaningful ways.

Read the full article here or visit www.ft.com/reports/50-ideas to read The FT's special report. 

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