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How Parents Can Support Personalized Learning at Home

Getting students ready for high school doesn’t stop when the school day ends. For schools making the shift to new learning models, there are many ways parents and families can support personalized learning at home and help their children thrive.

Students in Teach to One: Math (TTO), especially those in middle school, are exploring new interests, learning to refine their study habits, and becoming independent learners. The parent’s role as their child makes these adjustments is essential.

Here are a few starting tips for how families can support personalized learning at home. (We refer to Teach to One: Math, but these tips can be applied broadly.) 

Show and Tell

Ask your child to log into his or her TTO Portal and walk you through some of the main components:

Lessons and schedules are updated daily so you’ll encounter new things each day!

The Playlist

The playlist is the set of math skills your child is targeted to experience over multiple weeks.

What skills are in your child’s playlist? What skills has s/he just learned?

A student's playlist on his portal homepage. 


Badges are records of completion that recognize your child’s advancement through the playlist.

What badges have your child earned? What did s/he do to earn them?

Skill Libraries

Skill libraries represent the collection of math skills that have been selected specifically for your child.

They contain all of the skills that your child is targeted to experience throughout the year.

The targeted skills for a student's school year.

Feeling adventurous? Try out this scavenger hunt activity with your child.


TTO strives to promote what Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset, which is the understanding that intelligence isn’t a fixed trait and that students can become smarter through effort and practice.

You can promote a growth mindset at home by encouraging your child to reflect on what they are learning, discuss their challenges, and review goals.

What are your child’s current playlist goals? How does s/he plan to achieve them?

Review the portal’s “Scores/History” tab, which is an overview of what your child has worked on each day.

It includes specific skills, attendance, exit slip scores, as well as grades for work ethic and contribution. This kind of actionable feedback gives you and your child an opportunity to celebrate his or her successes and reflect on challenges or misconceptions. 

Assessments give students actionable feedback to learn from misconceptions.

What are your child’s grades? What did they do to earn them?

Teach to One provides students with different instructional approaches every day, from working in small groups with peers to working independently on a computer.

What approaches did your child experience today? Does your child prefer one approach over another? Why or why not? Which ones bring the most struggle?


It is time to get your feet wet!

We encourage you to act as a guide to your child’s learning and help connect math skills to real world concepts.

Task sessions take place over multiple days and require students to apply a variety of mathematical skills in real-world scenarios. Each task culminates in a performance-based assessment or task demonstration.

What is your child’s task demonstration and how is s/he planning to complete it? What is the task’s driving question?

Help your child study for their upcoming unit assessment (Playlist Demo). S/he should show you the Gateway, which is the assessment platform that stores every assessment in the past. We encourage you to examine past exit slips and correct misconceptions together.

Tackle Stories

Stories are real-world mathematical problems or scenarios. Often found in the middle of the wheel on the portal homepage, stories provide students with an opportunity to learn how skills connects to each other and to the real world. Story topics range from the Electoral College to wage inequalities!

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