Recommended Reads: Building Better Tests

Recommended Reads is a roundup of interesting news, articles, and insights curated by the team at New Classrooms. February's roundup focuses on building better tests and meeting kids where they are.

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Building Better Tests and Meeting Kids Where They Are

New Classrooms’ Co-Founder and CEO Joel Rose shares predictions for where the field of personalized learning is headed. (The 74) .

What Does Growth Look Like Beyond Standardized Tests?

A high school teacher shares how he has worked to recognize and celebrate all of the ways his students are growing. (EdSurge)

Ways that States Are Beginning the Shift to Competency-Based Education

A summary of the different entry points that state policymakers are pursuing to catalyze transformation of K-12 education in their state. (CompetencyWorks)

Rethinking Grade Levels and School Design for Personalized Learning

A school’s openness to multi-age classrooms gives both students and teachers extra choice and support. (Hechinger Report)

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