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Recommended Reads: ESSA and Personalized Learning Resources

Recommended Reads is a roundup of interesting news, articles, and insights curated by the team at New Classrooms.

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ESSA and Personalized Learning

ESSA gives states significant flexibility to design personalized education systems that respond to the needs of every student. Checkout these resources to learn about the student-centered approaches that states are taking across the country. (KnowledgeWorks)

Can Freeing Struggling Schools From Red Tape Help Them Improve?

How one state is giving schools flexibility to try their own ideas for turning around. (Hechinger Report)

Education is the Most Important Investment We Can Make in Our Future

Tulsa Public Schools' Deborah Gist shares how teachers and students are using innovative learning models like Teach to One: Math to approach traditional subjects in a new way. (Tulsa World)

The Power and Promise of Performance Assessments

Performance assessments have the power to improve teaching and learning, and hold promise for helping schools and colleges better develop and assess students' college and career readiness, writes a researcher at the Leaning Policy Institute. (Next Gen Learning in Action)

Study: When Students Feel Positive Toward School, They Learn More

Researchers at Stanford University have found that a cheery attitude toward learning can improve academic performance. (Education Dive)

Beyond ABCs: Can School Give Kids a Lifelong Love of Learning?

A charter school network tests a model of schooling that lets youngsters reinvent themselves through exploration. (Hechinger Report)

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by Data: Teacher Reports to Use Throughout the Year

A fifth grade teacher and self-described “data nerd” explains how she keeps her sanity while using data from the NWEA MAP. (Teach. Learn. Grow)

What Beliefs are the Bedrock of Your Competency-Based System?

Creating a set of guiding principles and beliefs for a school, district, or community is a way to capture the core reasoning involved in big and small decisions. (CompetencyWorks)

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