Meet the Geeks: Pi Day at New Classrooms

When you think of Pi Day in school you might think of pie-eating and memorization contests. March and April are busy months for schools, so taking a moment to pause to connect with students and eat some circular cuisine are good opportunities.
We take the same approach at New Classrooms, where Pi Day is an annual tradition and always a great opportunity to celebrate mathematics.
This year, we paused at 3:14 p.m. for a pi digit memorization competition. Contestants had three minutes to accurately write out as many of pi’s infinite numbers as they could remember to the furthest decimal point. 

Our winner, Steve, was able to list 60 digits! He walked away from the competition with an apple pie and bragging rights

Following the competition, the rest of our math-loving team joined the festivities during our Pi Day Potluck. A surplus of sweet and savory pies were shared. A crowd favorite was a delicious mixed berry pie baked by Annafrancesca of our Scheduling Operations team.

Check out the pie recipe she submitted here.

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