Reimagining the Classroom: An Introduction to Personalized Learning

Across the country, school districts are reimagining what it means to assess how students learn, demonstrate mastery, and earn credits toward graduation. The shift to personalization has led to a wide variety of implementation practices, but the larger trend is unmistakable: There is an increased commitment to focus on each individual student’s learning needs in a tailored and supportive way. The latest evidence? Nearly 80% of states are including personalized learning in their plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and 17 states are integrating it into their visions for ESSA implementation, according to KnowledgeWorks.
The field of personalized learning encompasses a range of approaches and there is no single playbook for implementation. Whether you’re planning a district-wide initiative, launching a small pilot, or just want to learn more about the space, Reimagining the Classroom: An Introduction to Personalized Learning is a primer to help get started.

In this guide you’ll get:

  • A working definition and core elements of personalized learning
  • A glossary of the key personalized learning terminology
  • An overview of the teacher’s role in personalized learning
  • Action steps and resources for developing initiatives in your district

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