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#ThankATeacher: Celebrating and Recognizing the Role of Teachers

[We're excited to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages all week as the New Classrooms team shares thanks for the incredible role that teachers play in their students' lives. Share your own gratitude by using #ThankATeacher.]

I remember how my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Hahn, made me feel like I could learn anything. At the time, all I knew was that I loved how we learned new topics, whether it was debating political systems or immersing ourselves in different countries and cultures across the world. Looking back, it's clear now that Mrs. Hahn and her co-teachers were passionate about their jobs, highly effective at their craft, and honored the unique needs of every child. They helped me realize that my voice is powerful, which has served me well in my work and in life. I’m forever indebted to them.

I see a similar level of commitment and hard work from Teach to One: Math teachers every day. I see how they build student confidence through goal-setting exercises during Math Advisory. I hear how a teacher's targeted questioning pushes her students to think more deeply during a small-group discussion. And I watch as teachers strategically swoop into action to intervene with a struggling student during our Independent Learning Zones

More important are the ways in which their students have grown, and we have our TTO teacher teams to thank. This week, we're thrilled to celebrate the critical role that all teachers play in how, what, when, where, and with whom students learn. With a little help from the students, we're also excited to share a small token of our gratitude. 

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Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll is Senior Director of Instructional Support at New Classrooms, working with a team of coaches to help Teach to One: Math schools make the shift to personalized learning. A career educator with over 13 years of experience, Emily has also served as a principal and teacher in New York City.