Welcome to 2018-2019: Back-to-School Highlights

Before the first day of school, math directors, teachers, and administrators at Teach to One: Math partner schools spent July and August getting ready. For new schools, there were student orientation calendars that needed to be scheduled, math centers and classroom space to arranged, and culture-building for collaborative teaching.

As the school year gets underway, we asked our TTO coaches and site operation managers to send in pictures of pre-launch planning in action. Here are a few highlights.

Picture of teachers at Brooklyn Theater Arts Charter School – newclassrooms.org

Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School teachers Mike Frasca, Brenda Gold, and Yolanda Phillip discuss student orientation.

Scenes from the first day of TTO programming at Bear Creek Middle School in Fulton County, Georgia.



Picture of teachers at City on a Hill Dudley Square – newclassrooms.org

Teachers at City on a Hill Dudley Square in Boston work through an exercise as part of the Small Group Collaboration modality.

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Jason Koh