New Mexico Case Study -

Case Study: Advancing Student-Centered Learning Models

State education leaders are newly empowered to drive change and advance innovative learning models that support all students. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gives states greater flexibility—and responsibility—to shape student-centered policies and help schools create great learning environments. As ESSA begins to roll out in 2018-19, we’re excited to share our latest resource, which highlights how teachers, school leaders, state education officials in New Mexico worked together to develop and launch personalized learning grants for schools and districts.

Catalyzing Mathematics Education provides as step-by-step guide, from selecting dynamic leaders and choosing the ideal environment, all the way to a successful launch. Follow in the footsteps of the teachers and influencers along the way. Topics include:

Teachers in a common planning meeting -

How can personalized learning models fit into your state’s strategy for student success under ESSA? Under what conditions are they most likely to achieve sustainability?

What roles can both state education departments and districts play to alleviate financial barriers for early-adopters?

From student performance to geography to size to technological capacity, what criteria should be considered?

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