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Elizabeth Noordyke of Tulsa Public Schools – Teach to One

Teach to One in Tulsa Public Schools: “It’s what’s best for kids.”

When Tulsa Public School teacher Elizabeth Noordyke considers the benefits of the her high school’s adoption of Teach to One: Math over the past three years, a big one is stronger relationships with teacher colleagues, which has helped her collaborate on lessons, troubleshoot classroom issues, and share effective practices. But it’s ultimately about student impact, she says.

“I think, first and foremost, it’s what’s best for kids,” says Noordyke, who is math director the TTO program at McLain Junior and High School. McLain is one of three Tulsa schools that are using TTO’s personalized learning model, in which students learn in a variety of modalities: teacher-led, peer-to-peer, collaborative, and independent. The other schools are Hale Junior High and Webster Middle School

We’re excited to share the video featuring Noordyke and McLain Principal John Williams, which was produced by Tulsa Public Schools. The short video also covers the success seen by McLain’s students, which includes one of the highest rates of math growth in the district.

To read more about another Teach to One partnership in Tulsa Public Schools at Hale Junior High School, where teachers have embraced TTO’s collaborative teaching model.

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