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TTO Teachers at Learn 6 Charter School

Teacher Appreciation: Teacher Teams of Teach to One

May is Teacher Appreciation Month and next week (May 6-10) is Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s a chance to celebrate and recognize the role that educators play in the lives of their students and we’re excited to recognize some of the incredible Teach to One teacher teams that personalize instruction for every student, everyday. We asked our coaches and operations managers to share what made some of the TTO teacher teams special, and here’s what they had to say. We’ll be sharing these and more next week so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Wonderful College Prep Academy: “Daily interventions to keep everyone on track”Wonderful College Prep Academy Teach to One 9th Grade Teachers

“Wonderful College Prep Academy’s 9th grade team runs a tight ship! Data application is a huge strength for this team—they keep a close eye on where each student is in relation to each skill, and they plan daily interventions to keep everyone on track. Thanks, team 9th grade, for all that you do for your kids.”

Learn 6: “Making math engaging, fun, and creative”

Lear 6 Teach to One Teachers - newclassrooms.org

“Learn 6 is a special group of teachers. They are ‘all in’ for making math engaging, fun, and creative. In this ins-pi-rational picture, the team dressed up in costumes on Pi Day. They’ve also dressed up as zombies and made animated videos of Barbies talking to teach a lesson on scatter plots. Whatever the lesson, they make sure that math is interesting every day and each one is passionate about helping students be their best. When we come to Learn 6, we know that we will see smiles and students experiencing the joy of mathematics. We appreciate their passion, creativity, and commitment to TTO and the students they serve. Of course, we also appreciate their puns.”

M.S. 88: “Common planning to share lessons and instructional strategies”

M.S. 88 Teach to One Teachers – newclassrooms.org

“The M.S. 88 Team is terrific! They’re totally in sync and have cultivated a math center that truly motivates and helps students reach their full potential. They communicate well, use common planning time to share lesson ideas, and norm on routines and instructional strategies. They have created a culture of learning where students, teachers, and visitors alike recognize how special and powerful personalized learning can be.”

Bear Creek Middle School: “Collaboration is key to their students’ success”Bear Creek Teach to One Teachers

“Bear Creek teachers value each other and understand that collaboration is key to their students’ success. Each week they meet together to present lessons and receive feedback from their team members to ensure their lessons are rigorous, student-centered and appropriately aligned to the Georgia standards. There’s definitely no ‘I’ in Bear Creek’s team.”

McLain Jr./Sr. High School: “Passionate, competitive, and driven individuals”

Picture of TTO Teachers at McLain Junior-Senior High School

The team at McLain Jr/Sr. High School is made up of passionate, competitive, and driven individuals. These teachers care about each other and they care about their students. They are constantly striving to create a way for students to reach their full academic potential, despite all obstacles, while still having fun in the process. Go Titans!

LEARN Romano Butler: “Holding students to high expectations.”

Teach to One Romano Butler Teachers

“The team at Romano Butler is truly dedicated to holding students to high expectations. They build strong relationships with students, teach students to advocate for themselves, and help students believe in themselves as mathematicians. Because of these amazing teachers, students at Romano Butler have a passion for mathematical thinking and a drive for success.”

Webster Middle School: “Brings an undeniable level of joy to the classroom”

The team at Webster consists of three talented individuals committed to the growth and well-being of their students. They value the relationships they have built and employ these in empowering students to be the best they can be. The team is not afraid to bring humor into learning which brings an undeniable level of joy to the classroom!

William P. Gray Elementary School: “Brings an undeniable level of joy to the classroom”

Gray Elementary School Teach to One Team

“The math team at Gray Elementary is one of our most veteran teams, finishing up their seventh year of Teach to One: Math! Their success in the program stems from their strong prioritization on daily collaboration and planning, frequent data analysis, and flexible instruction based on student needs. They’ve become very close friends over the years and their warmth is felt from the moment you walk into the math center.”

Hale Junior High School: “Mastered the art of shared leadership”

Teach to One Teacher Team at Hale Junior High School

“With the new Avengers Endgame film out, I can’t help but to think of our own Super Team at Hale Junior High. They are a group of highly motivated individuals who have mastered the art of shared leadership, with each team member owning a piece of the work in the Math Center in order to provide the best experience for students. When challenges within and around the school community tell them no, they rise to the occasion with a resounding, “Hale Yes!”

Brooklyn Theater Arts: “They are positive and enthusiastic in their teaching practices”

Picture of Brooklyn Theater Arts Teach to One Algebra Math Team

“The Brooklyn Theater Arts team has had a very successful first year implementing the Teach to One Algebra program. They are positive and enthusiastic in their teaching practices, and have been a great help in providing feedback to our academic team about the program. We love working with BTA!”

Nathan Hale Middle School: “They know how to have fun and bring joy.” 

Nathan Hale Middle School teachers in teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes on Halloween
“Nathan Hale has been working hard all year, with exemplary lessons and tasks to prove it! Not only are they hard working but they also know how to have fun and bring joy into the classroom. This is a picture of the “downstairs team” that dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Halloween. Shout out to the upstairs team too (not pictured)!”

Roosevelt Middle School: “Student relationships are a huge strength.”

Teach to One Teachers at Roosevelt Middle School

“For Roosevelt Middle School’s TTO Teaching Team, student relationships are a huge strength. As mentors within the East Bay Asian Youth Center’s after-school program, they are experts at creating an environment that keeps students engaged well past the end of the normal school day. Their kids love spending time with them— go, Bulldogs!”

Taos High School: “A highly qualified, well-oiled machine”

Taos High School Teachers – Teach to One: Math

“The Taos High School teaching team is a highly qualified, well-oiled machine.  They spend a good deal of time setting high academic and behavioral expectations for all students and have been meeting their goals around helping kids rise to those expectations.

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