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Teach to One Partner News: Math Gains Drive Improvement at Mesa Alta Junior High School

Congratulations to Teach to One: Math partner school Mesa Alta Junior High School, whose students made significant math gains last year. According to the Farmington Daily Times, Mesa Alta, part of the Bloomfield School District, algebra I students improved from 20% proficiency on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) 2016-17 all the way up to 60% proficiency in 2017-18. In eighth grade, students improved to 9% proficiency, up from 4% the previous year.

Kevin Summers, the Bloomfield School District’s director of preK-12 curriculum and instruction, said he believes much of the credit for the gains in math scores by Mesa Alta students can be attributed to the Teach to One: Math program that was instituted at the school last year. Mesa Alta is one of three middle schools and one high school that have implemented Teach to One’s new learning model over the past two years.

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According to The Daily Times archives, the program ditches traditional lectures, focusing on individualized and interactive learning in one-on-one and group settings. The pilot program has one more year to run at the school.

Already, the program is showing signs of yielding positive results for students who have moved on to Bloomfield High School. Summers said he has heard from math teachers there that this year’s freshman class — many of whose members were students last year at Mesa Alta, when Teach-to-One was implemented — features some of their highest-performing students in a long time.

He described the program as a pipeline model that potentially could improve proficiency levels at Bloomfield High School through a ripple effect. With that thought in mind, Summers is anxious to see this year’s PARCC scores.

“It’s very promising,” he said. “I’m excited to see how we shake out this year with regard to this process.”


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