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2019 Summer Reading List

2019 Summer Reading List: Recommended Reads From the New Classrooms Team

Summer break is upon us which means educators everywhere will have an opportunity for a brief change of pace from their school year schedule. This also means there will (hopefully) be some time to relax and enjoy doing things you love. Our team at New Classrooms has put another list of recommended books and podcasts covering topics from social emotional understanding to practical ways to manage a classroom. We look forward to diving in to some of this content and we hope you enjoy as well!

Educated: A Memoir

By Tara Westover

This award-winning memoir is written by Tara Westover who was born to a family of survivalists where she did not experience formal education until she was seventeen years old. Defying the odds, she sought a path to education and was accepted to Harvard and Cambridge University. This is a fascinating read as Westover reflects on her path to formal education as opposed to the “real life” vocational education dictated by her family.

— Recommendation by Jess Licata, Director of Site Operations and Melissa Frank, Director of Recruitment

“What's it take to do something really, really well? The conventional wisdom is that you have to specialize early and engage in intense "deliberate practice" for years (or 10,000 hours as the theory goes). To toggle between sports as a youth, switch careers, or wander from your academic pathway is to deter yourself from greatness. Range busts that myth by showing that many of the most successful CEOs, artists (Van Gogh), and athletes (Federer) became the best by following personalized paths based on their interests, building up a unique skill set along the way. As with our work, this book shows that there is no single path to success.”

— Geoff Decker, Deputy Director of Content Marketing and Communications

High Output Management

By Andrew S. Grove

Written by the former Chairman CEO of Intel, Andrew Grove, this book focuses on the power of motivating and leading others. The tactics described are the same approaches that helped create one of America’s most successful corporations and can be applied to almost any field, including education.

“Our ability to have the impact we hope to have is directly tied to how well New Classrooms is managed. Andy Grove's masterpiece is known across Silicon Valley as one of the best management books ever written, and is a great read both for new managers as well as for more experienced ones.”

— Joel Rose, Chief Executive Officer

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The Blind Side

By Michael Lewis

Whether you recognize this title from the original book by Michael Lewis or the movie released in 2009, this story goes beyond the heartwarming, underdog story of Michael Oher.

There is such a significant role that education plays into Oher’s life after he had slipped through the cracks, unable to read or write until entering his first stable school setting at age seventeen. This story highlights the ways his eventual success in school opened a world of opportunity for him after graduating high school. This truly inspiring book (and movie) will spark your passion for a quality education and equal opportunity for all students.

— Recommendation by Sydney Fitzgerald, Scheduling Operations School Accounts Manager

Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

By Dan Kindlon, Ph.D; Michael Thompson Ph.D

A relevant and important read for today’s classroom, this book identifies “the social and emotional challenges that boys encounter in school and show how parents can help boys cultivate emotional awareness and empathy--giving them the vital connections and support they need to navigate the social pressures of youth," (Amazon).

“Factoring in the challenges students go through every day is important to our daily work of meeting students where they are. Making informed decisions to motivate students achieve real success, not just in class but throughout their adolescence.”

— Abby Engelberth, Site Operations Manager

Daring Greatly

By Brené Brown Ph.D, LMSW

An award winning book centered around showing courage through vulnerability, Brené Brown dives into the importance of opening one’s self up in order to improve.

An important skill for an educator is to receive feedback and to take on challenges head on in order to develop their craft for the sake of the students they serve daily.

— Recommendation by Emily Carroll, Senior Director of Instructional Support


The Teaching Gab

A podcast hosted by Aisha and Dave Crumbine

“The Teaching Gab is a podcast by husband and wife educators Dave Crumbine and Aisha Crumbine that discusses practical ways to deal with everything from classroom management to parent communication. These two know their stuff and engage with the audience to answer any question you might have!”

— Gaines Johnson, Director of Regional Growth and Expansion

This podcast is described as “A series about what it’s really like to start a business” covering various stories of entrepreneurial life from Mason Gordon’s invention of “Slamball,” to the race to create self-driving cars. Our team is tuning in to the seven-part series that is “Success Academy,” diving into Eva Moskowitz’s creation of this New York charter school network.

— Recommendation by Megan Meyer-Daetsch, Senior Business Analyst

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