Teach to One: Math 2019-2020 Orientations

Kicking Off the School Year with Teach to One: Math

Partner schools are launching Teach to One: Math (TTO) across the country, from Charlotte to Miami to Chicago to Phoenix and Texas. Last month, events kicked off with orientations in Ector County Independent School District, where educators in three middle schools met for day-long teacher orientations. Check out some pictures from the orientations below. 

Ector County Independent School District

At the core of TTO are teachers. They play a major role at every phase of implementation, and their commitment to ensuring every student makes progress against rigorous college- and career-standards is contagious from day one.

That’s been on display throughout the summer in Ector County in West Texas where three middle schools are launching TTO this year: Bonham Middle School, Bowie Middle School, and Wilson & Young Middle School.

Since the middle of July, teacher teams have been meeting to plan orientations, set collaborative teaching routines, plan for beginning-of-year assessments.

SLAM North Miami

In Miami, this month the dynamic two-person teaching team in SLAM North Miami prepared for their second year of Teach to One: Math. Last year, SLAM North started strong, creating an Over 100 Club to recognize students who have mastered over 100 skills from their personalized skill library. To learn more about their first year, read our interview with sixth grader Regina Diaz, who talked about how TTO helped her accelerate her learning.

Phoenix International Academy

We are thrilled to help Phoenix International Academy open its doors for the first time this fall. Here are some pictures of the TTO teacher team during its orientation in July.

Phoenix International Academy Teach to One Orientation

Charlotte Lab School


Hale Junior High School – Tulsa, Ok.

Teacher orientation at Hale Junior High School

Molly Farrell

Molly Farrell is a Site Operations Manager supporting school teams in their implementation of Teach to One: Math by ensuring operational stability at each site she serves.