Teach to One Math Centers

Theming Innovation for 2019–20

Whether it is their first or fifth year using Teach to One: Math (TTO), schools implementing the program have officially kicked off another year of personalized, innovative learning. 

Administrators, teachers, and students know that when implementing TTO, the traditional model of learning transforms. Instead of students receiving the same content as their peers each day, they experience instruction based on their current skill levels. Varied content is paired with varied lesson structures — we call these “modalities” — which might mean working in a group setting with a teacher, or learning from a virtual instructor on a laptop, or collaborating on an exercise with students at similar skill levels. 

To reflect the needs of this modern classroom, with numerous locations for different modalities, the physical environment has to adapt. Math Centers employ a unique layout, not only in contrast to the traditional classroom but from one Math Center to the next. So teachers who run each Math Center select a theme to make it easy for their students to manage these unusual blueprints.

These Math Center themes are purposefully chosen to inspire students and establish a one-of-a-kind Teach to One culture. Take a look at the themes school math departments have chosen for the 2019–20 school year.

Bonham Middle School
Location: Odessa, TX
Theme: Owls
Learning Spaces: Big Mama, Owlette, Archimedes, Hedwig, Professor Owl, Sammy Owl

The mascot for Bonham Middle School is an owl, so teachers brainstormed some well-known owls to name their learning spaces. They have a huge tree in the hallway where students get to add “leaves” every time they pass a skill.

Bonham Middle School's Math Center owl mural

Bowie Middle School
Location: Odessa, TX
Theme: Trendy Math Terms
Learning Spaces: Gucci Graphs, Ratio Bros, Square Squad, Factor Farm, Cool Coordinates, Lit Integers

When teachers started catching on to the new terms students were using, they thought it would be fun to incorporate these into their Math Center names. This theme has been a hit with students.

Charlotte Lab
Location: Charlotte, NC
Theme: Local Neighborhoods
Learning Spaces: Uptown, NoDa, Plaza

Charlotte Lab is very connected to its community. In fact, the school mission statement includes using “the community as our classroom,” so it was a no-brainer to look locally when choosing a theme. From NoDa (short for North Davidson) to the Plaza, highlighting local neighborhoods was the ideal way to incorporate this close-knit community.

Charlotte Math Center Lab for Teach to One

Location: North Chicago, IL
Theme: Popular Landmarks
Learning Spaces: Lake Michigan, Green Belt, Naval Base

LEARN 10 Charter School is close to a number of well known attractions. Including these exciting landmarks in their Math Center theme made a world of sense.

Learn 10 Teach to One Math Center Themes

Mendota Junior High
Location: Mendota, CA
Theme: High Expectations
Learning Spaces: Achievers, Champions, Innovators, Leaders, Scholars

The team at Mendota Junior High chose a theme of “High Expectations” because they know their students are already on their way to becoming champions, innovators, scholars, and more!

Mendota Junior High School Teach to One Math Center Themes

Wilson & Young Middle School
Location: Odessa, TX
Theme: Military Aviation
Learning Spaces: Bravo, Echo, Foxtrot, Alpha, Charlie, Delta, Tango

The team at Wilson & Young was inspired by their mascot — the Rangers — and wanted to bring this military theme to their Math Center by choosing aviation-related names for their learning spaces.

Molly Farrell

Molly Farrell is a Site Operations Manager supporting school teams in their implementation of Teach to One: Math by ensuring operational stability at each site she serves.