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Phoenix International Academy implementing Teach to One: Math

Spotlight on Our Teach to One Partner: Phoenix International Academy

Phoenix International Academy (PIA) in Phoenix, AZ
Ivette Rodriguez, Executive Director
Partner school since 2019

How would you describe your student population?

We serve fourth through eighth grade students who live in the South Mountain Community.  Our community is strong, diverse, hard working, and resilient. Most of our families face socioeconomic struggles, but they care deeply about their education and reaching their dreams.

Students at Phoenix International Academy engaging in Teach to One: Math

How have staff perspectives about Teach to One changed over time?

We were all a bit nervous the first few days simply because teaching math in this way was completely new to all of us. But by the end of the second week of programming we were HOOKED! The benefit of students being taught at their instructional level rather than just grade level, and seeing them succeed (especially students who haven’t ever felt proud of themselves in math), is exactly what we need every day.

Teacher working with a student using Teach to One: Math

Where have you seen the most significant change among your students?

The pride and belief that they have in themselves and their peers. When a struggling student comes to you after an Exit Slip, beaming and wanting to share with you that they got a “sparkly green!,” and the high five and hug that follow—that’s the biggest change. We started the year with a reluctant group of mathematicians, and now we hear things like, “Wow, I really am smart!,” or “I didn’t know this before, but now I do.”

Teach to One: Math Group Learning


What does it feel like when you walk into your Teach to One classroom(s)? What would a visitor take away from the experience?

When people observe during our TTO block they tend to talk about a general feeling of relaxed focus.  There are lots of different things going on but all with the the purpose of each student getting what they need.

Teach to One: Math Individual Learning

Where has Teach to One most surprised you?

The availability of linked content, materials, and websites with abundant student resources. Also, how quickly and prolonged student interest and excitement about learning math has become.


Adam Barish

Adam Barish is the Deputy Director of Strategic Communications at New Classrooms Innovation Partners.