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Teach to One teacher Laura Perez

A Teach to One teacher’s take on distance learning

The school year may be over, but we’re still excited to share a few of different ways in which teachers at Teach to One partner schools have exemplified distance learning resilience and creativity for their students during COVID-19 school building closures. Today’s story comes to us from East Oakland’s ASCEND, where a math teacher and amateur filmmaker extraordinaire flexed her creative muscles while teaching virtually. 

Ms. Pérez, a first-year teacher at ASCEND, kept herself extra busy during these distance learning months of self-quarantine by recording video lessons for her students. When she’s not doing that, she’s also making movies to share with her school’s community. For some, she’s made promotion videos with heartfelt messages. For time capsule video for eighth graders, she dug into her film archive to find footage from their first year at the school.

Her latest video is an irreverent and dramatic take on how she’s had to adapt her teaching practices since school buildings have closed. “School was a simple place in March,” the movie begins. “A place where teachers taught in a classroom with students.” 

The video shows how she has tapped into her best “DIY” self, which includes scenes from her creating a homemade document camera. 

As the field team supporting ASCEND says, the videos are another example of how the school has gone above and beyond to support students. From a community garden and weekly farmer markets to chess and anime clubs, ASCEND has always been bursting with many learning experiences to develop the whole child. 

For more about the school, check out this interview with former Principal Morgan Alconcher.

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