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Star Charts, Students, and Staying Connected at Sacajawea Middle School With Teach to One: Math

When Federal Way Public Schools, in Seattle, closed schools due to the coronavirus outbreak, one of the first things Andrea Ball’s students asked about was their ‘Star Chart’. The Star Chart had become a fixture in the second semester of Ball’s classroom at Sacajawea Middle School, which began partnering with Teach to One: Math last fall. Data walls like Ball’s Star Chart (Romano Butler in Chicago used a High Flyers wall) are a popular learning tool that many TTO teachers use to promote and recognize individual student growth over the course of the school year. 

“The Star Chart is a fun and easy way to connect to one another and broadcast our individual and group accomplishments,” said Ball. Each star sticker, she added, represents a 100% score on a TTO Exit Slip or Playlist Demo assessments. 

Despite the distance learning, Ball made it a point to ensure the Star Chart continued to be visible during their synchronous learning times. She moved it from her classroom wall and put it up in the background of her home office. Now, it’s become a fixture during their video classes. 

“Not only does it make a fun backdrop for video conferences, but students get excited to see their individual progress and add to the sparkle and shine of our success as a group.” Ball said.

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