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Who We Are

Our founding team includes many leaders and original members of School of One, New York City’s award-winning personalized educational program that was named one of the Top 50 Inventions of 2009 by TIME.

In 2011, New Classrooms formed as an independent, non-profit organization in order to bring personalized learning to more students across the country. Teach to One: Math is New Classrooms’ flagship school-based learning model.

From School of One to Teach to One

New Classrooms was founded by many members of the team that created School of One, an initiative incubated within the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) in 2009. Co-Founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush launched School of One to determine whether it was possible to design a school-based learning model that integrated live, online, and collaborative learning in ways that met the unique needs of each learner each day.


School of One

As a former 5th-grade teacher, Joel was committed to providing all of his students with an education they both needed and deserved. But despite long hours and extensive training, he struggled with how best to organize daily instruction around the unique needs of each of his students. He knew other teachers struggled with this same challenge. Years later, while working for NYCDOE, Joel partnered with Chris, then a senior consultant to NYCDOE, to see if they could design a solution to this problem. After securing the support of then-Chancellor Joel Klein and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Joel and Chris assembled a small team to design and launch a middle-grade math program called School of One in the summer of 2009. By November, TIME Magazine named it one of the Best Inventions of the year.

The Founding of New Classrooms and the Creation of Teach to One: Math

After incubating School of One, Joel, Chris, and other members of the School of One team established New Classrooms Innovation Partners in 2011. New Classrooms was formed as an independent, non-profit organization to bring this approach to schools across the country. New Classrooms’ first order of business was to build a new learning model, Teach to One: Math, that would leverage many of the lessons learned from the School of One experience. In 2012, Teach to One: Math launched in both Washington, DC, and Chicago, and shortly thereafter, NYCDOE began to use Teach to One: Math to power its implementations of School of One. Since that time, New Classrooms has continued to develop Teach to One: Math while also growing the number of partnership schools and districts across the country.

School of One


Teach to One: Math

School of One and Teach to One

School of One continues to operate in NYC, where schools, teachers, and parents know it by that name. Those outside of NYC call the model Teach to One: Math. Despite the difference in names, the programs function identically.

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