Meet Our Team

We bring together diverse talents and backgrounds to personalize learning for students everywhere. Our team includes

  • Math geeks who ensure that students experience a curriculum designed just for them
  • Instructional leaders who come alongside teachers in our partner schools to help them deliver excellent live instruction
  • Thoughtful relationship builders who help forge partnerships with school leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and policy leadership
  • Brilliant tinkerers who build software that helps transform the experience of school and improve outcomes for students
  • Operational ninjas who help partners accomplish seemingly impossible feats in schools every day
  • Entrepreneurial managers who lead teams to achieve ambitious goals
  • And more!

What our current employees say about working at New Classrooms

Our Team

Our Business Operations team is responsible for overseeing human resources, legal, information technology, and back-office support.


Jenya Green

Corie Little

Jonathan Werle

Our Data Solutions team transforms raw data into actionable insights—providing accurate, timely information to systems and stakeholders within and outside of our organization.


Chris Hollander

Jessie Levkov

Jennifer Stillman

Our Finance team is responsible for managing all aspects of New Classrooms’ financial health, including planning & analysis, accounting, and audit.


Elizabeth Barker

Davine Henry

Jordan Lee

Ana Morgado

Our Instructional Coaching team supports teachers and administrators in our partner schools on their journey toward personalization.


Nada Ahmed

Crystal Carter

Nate Garneau

Rick Gaston

Carolyn Harper

Ken Rose

Mary Sandvik

Sarah Towler

Candace Pasquale

Carrie Walsh

Our Marketing & Communications team is responsible for amplifying New Classrooms’ mission by designing and implementing engagement strategies that inspire key constituencies.


Theresa Behnen

Our Product Design team designs the software required to successfully power the model.


Deepa Chari

Omar Elmaghrabi

Brian Flumen

Bloria Tahari

Our Quality Assurance team ensures our products and software function correctly.


Sasha Balhuryn

Karlyce Edwards

Ashfaqur Mahdy

Veronika Pliusnina

David Slakter

Tina Snowden

Our School Partnerships team coordinates the on-site academic, operational, and technical support for our partner schools.


Wei Chen

Jason Clymer

Davion Lewis

Jennifer Ostrow

Jaclyn Vargas

Our Talent team recruits, develops, and retains a diverse team of high-caliber, mission-driven people to our organization.


Jessica Carey

Chris Cashdan

Our Central Initiatives team coordinates and stewards critical, cross-functional projects.


Adrian Calderon

Madeline Clements

Jodi Mastronardi

Christina Pagan

Gloria Rodriguez

Our External Relations team is responsible for securing the financial resources that allow New Classrooms to continue to grow, innovate, and be a leader in the personalized learning movement.


Cleo Cavolo

Juliana Collamer

Brittany Snyder

Liza Van Gundy

Our Growth & Expansion team is focused on identifying and cultivating new school and district partners and ensuring they are set up for success.


Kimberly Kassnove

Travis Larrier

Theresa Poprac

Our Instructional Design team oversees the academic integrity of the model through high-quality content, optimal student learning progressions, and coherently organized instruction.


Leah Boylan

Brad Cameron

Tyler Chalfin

Gabe DeAngelis

Tyrell Dixon

Richard Green

Alex McCoy

Gene McCormick

Charles Voltz

Our Operations Integration team assists in the setup and operational support of partner schools.


Saba Abebe

Leeat Dunkelman

Caitlin Gregg

Dana Harnett

Jeff Kiker

Tuqa Youssef

Our Product Development team designs, develops, and integrates the software required to successfully power the model.


Alex Bielen

David DelGrosso

David Love

John McCall

Makathe Sanda

Tudor Saru

Ashraf Tadros

Steve Tan

Our Scheduling Operations team manages the scheduling activities for all partnership schools.


Jose Almonte

Hannah Fidoten

Sydney Fitzgerald

Annafrancesca Fuchs

Samantha Martin

John Mason

Ryan Neill

D’Shea Olivierre

Johanna Rosario

Liz Yockey

Our Site Operations team is responsible for the implementation and ongoing operations in partner schools.

Molly Clemans

Pat Collins

Justine DePeralta

Abby Engleberth

Erica Fernandez

Roman Gitlarz

Joey Herring

Mary Kohlmann

Jessica Licata

Rachael Milsk

Alicia Morrison

Alyssa Mullin

Jean-Marie Ruminjo

Vera Tran

Kelly Williams