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Free Diagnostics and Academic Road Maps

New Classrooms is offering a free diagnostic math assessment and personalized academic road map this fall. This assessment will enable administrators, teachers, and parents to understand the subset of pre-grade, on-grade, and post-grade skills that each student must still learn in order to ensure they meet grade level expectations and college and career readiness. 

What’s different about this diagnostic?

The assessment will use state-of-the-art psychometric techniques and algorithms to provide student performance data across multiple grades at the skill level. Since most diagnostic instruments today provide data to teachers at the standard or strand level, those tools make them less actionable for teachers. This free diagnostic solves this challenge.



Based on the results of these diagnostic assessments, students, parents, and teachers will be able to access a personalized, academic “road map” that reflects a strategically-curated set of skills to meet grade level expectations or to graduate ready for college or a career (effectively Algebra 1 and all of its predecessor skills going back to the second grade). Academic road maps can also be generated to reflect the pre-grade and on-grade skills required for individual students to master in order for them to meet grade level expectations for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. 

Future school closings or fall staggered schedules? We’ve got you covered. 

In the event of future school disruptions, for a nominal fee schools can enable their students to progress on their academic road map at home by accessing a curated and coherently-organized set of high quality, independent lessons from multiple providers tailored to their unique needs. In the event that your school will need to implement staggered schedules, students will be able to work on their road map at home on the days they are not in school. As part of the program, students take formative assessments to ensure they are successfully progressing at their own pace and so that teachers and parents understand and support their learning.


Teachers have access to resources to support student acceleration and will have the ability to continually monitor individual student progress.



Read more about the free diagnostics and academic road maps in this press release.


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