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Chris Rush explaining the power of modalities in Teach to One

2016 Geek Out Breakfast

The first Annual Geek Out Breakfast took place on April 21, 2016 at the National Museum of Math in NYC. Co-founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush presented some of the unique research and development coming out of Teach to One: Math (TTO), including our work to crack the operational code of daily scheduling for over 10,000 students. Our team also shared strong results from a pilot program created for diverse learners at Morey Middle School in Colorado. Guest speaker Dr. Alison Burdick, a principal at a TTO partner school, shared the early challenges and successes of changing school culture to implement personalized learning at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School in Connecticut. Finally, our special student and teacher guests from MS 88 in Brooklyn spoke about their experiences in TTO.


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