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Teach to One: Math is designed to give students rigorous and engaging learning experiences each day tailored to their strengths and needs. Rather than a traditional linear progression, these lessons create a web of skills that encompasses a year-round curriculum for each student. Our Adaptive Personalized Curriculum uses analytics from historical learner patterns, individual learner attributes, and lesson characteristics to decide what, when, where, and how students learn. 


Skill and Concept Map

The foundation of the adaptive curriculum is the skills and concept map that lays out hundreds of interrelated skills. Concepts are broader mathematical ideas and themes that encompass a set of three to five interconnected skills. Aggregating skills into concepts enables students to acquire a richer level of understanding that extends beyond the definition of the underlying skills themselves.

Skill Libraries

When students start Teach to One: Math, an individualized library is created for them containing all the mathematics skills and concepts the students are targeted to experience throughout the school year. It helps students, teachers, and parents understand each student’s yearly mathematical journey. Skill Libraries are revised and adjusted throughout the year based on students’ performance and can include pre-, on-, and above-grade skills, depending on their unique needs.

Student Playlists

At the heart of each student’s day-to-day instructional experience is their personalized Playlist. Playlists are a collection of related mathematical skills that students experience over a two- to three-week period. They represent an individualized unit of study that guides instruction, establishes learning goals, and contextualizes related skills and concepts.

Ensuring High-Quality Content

All Teach to One: Math content undergoes a comprehensive review to ensure high standards for every student’s personalized curriculum. In addition to creating high-quality lessons, we partner with leading digital and print-based curriculum providers, including Curriculum Associates – Ready, LearnZillion, and Illustrative Mathematics. To date, our team of academic and curriculum experts has designed, curated, and assessed over 9,000 of the highest-quality lessons to incorporate into Teach to One: Math.


Providing students with actionable feedback gives them an opportunity to celebrate their successes and learn from their misconceptions. Teach to One: Math uses multiple types of assessments to enable students to express procedural knowledge as well as a broader conceptual understanding. Assessments include daily Exit Slips used to assess learning and deliver the right modality, student grouping, and lesson each day; diagnostic assessments (NWEA MAP) administered up to three times a year; personalized tests measuring cumulative skills; presentations to peers; and Prove Its, short quizzes students can take at home or school to prove they know new skills.
Lessons Reviewed and Scored
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