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Every Student, Every Day

Each student receives a customized daily schedule based on his or her current learning strengths and needs, the classroom resources available, and the thousands of lessons included in the program. These unique student schedules then result in corresponding teacher schedules. Teachers are able to access all the resources and information they need for the next day, review preliminary schedules before final publication, and substitute teacher-led lessons with their own lessons when they feel it is appropriate to do so.
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At-A-Glance Daily Schedules

Teach to One: Math strives to make the very best use of each student’s precious time for learning, both inside and outside of school hours.

Each day, students typically experience a mathematical skill or concept in two 35-minute learning sessions, followed by a low-stakes, online formative assessment called an Exit Slip.

Over the course of the two- or three-week Round, students experience 20 to 30 learning sessions. Learning sessions include:

  • Single session experiences that allow students to work on developing  discrete skills and concepts
  • Multi-day activities that allow students to explore concepts more deeply and apply learning in real-world concepts
  • Assessment-focused sessions that enable students to demonstrate proficiency in skills and concepts in a variety of ways including projects and presentations. Students work on both skills-based and performance-based assessments.
  • Advisory sessions that build meaningful relationships with one teacher over the course of the school year

At-A-Glance Round Schedules

Students track their progress through a two-to-three-week Round in their portal. Their individual playlist shows them what skills they will be learning this Round and what central story or question these skills will help them solve.

Students can also track the number of days left until their scheduled performance-based assessment, that we call a Task Demo or a summative assessment of all the skills included in the Round, called a Playlist Demo.


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