Peer-to-Peer Scavenger Hunt

The goal of this exercise is to become more familiar with the Teach to One student portal and learn with a partner how they can maximize the use of the portal outside of the classroom.


Complete this with a Peer-to-Peer partner (parent and child if possible)

Access the portal with your Teach to One credentials


Look up answers to the following questions:


Your Answer

1. How many skills do you have on your playlist for this round? 



2. By going to your Gateway history, write down how many perfect or great scores that you have earned since the beginning of the school year.



3. As you look at the scores and history tab, how many days have you been in attendance or late for TTO?



4. As you investigate your skill library, which strand (number sense, algebra, statistics...etc.) do you have the most skills assigned? What is the difference between the strand with the most skills assigned and the one with the least skills assigned?



5. As you discover the skills in your skill library, find the three lines located on the top left of the individual skill box.  Count how many skills within your entire skill library have a gray line in the middle of the three lines.  How many skills are there with the gray bar in the middle and what do you think that means?



6. At the bottom of your skill library page is a tab called Go to Personalized Skill Annex. Click on this and you will see more skills that are personalized.  Are there more or less skills in your skills annex or skill library?  What is the difference?



7. As your return to the scores and history tab, what was the date that you you experienced your PLD for the first round? What occurred on the day before the PLD?



8. What can you do if you lose your homework?



9. What is the title of the story that you are assigned? What type of story project could you do for extra credit? (The story is located in the your playlist section)



10. Which feature skill included in your story appears to be the most difficult to you and why?