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A Different Kind of Math Class

Students participating in Teach to One: Math experience an engaging, dynamic approach to learning mathematics. The program is driven by a personalized curriculum that meets students where they are, challenges them to learn new ideas, and enables them to be successful.


A Personalized Curriculum

Students experience a personalized curriculum that is adjusted throughout the school year based on each student’s strengths and needs.


Multiple Ways to Learn

The broad variety of Modalities (teacher delivered, student collaboration, and independent) enables students to experience the beauty of mathematics through multiple strategies, approaches, and activities, while favoring those that are working best for each of them.


Learning from Multiple Teachers

Students work throughout the school year with a dedicated group of math teachers, giving them the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with each of them.


A Dedicated Math Advisor

Each student is assigned one of the teachers as his or her Math Advisor. The advisor helps students set and monitor goals, stays in communication with their parents, and helps them build their habits for lifelong success.


No Textbooks

Rather than requiring students to take a bulky math textbook to and from school, all assignments and homework are available online through the Teach to One: Math Portal or as printouts.


Moving at Your Own Pace

Each day, students take an informal quiz called an Exit Slip that helps them understand how well they’ve understood that day’s lesson. The results from the Exit Slip also help determine whether they need more time to learn a particular skill or are ready to move on to something new.


Learning That Matters

A set of digital resources, called Stories, help students see the connection between what they are learning and how professionals use those concepts every day. Students also build habits for lifelong success, including how to engage productively, collaborate with others, and develop a growth mindset.


Success Badges

Students can earn digital Badges, such as:

  • Still Got It, for remembering previously learned skills
  • Stretch, for learning a skill that may be a bit harder
  • Independence, for success learning outside of class

Student Portal

Students and parents are able to access all of the up-to-date information they need to track learning progress, review performance history, and set goals for the future.

Access to their custom daily schedules and a variety of resources to supplement, reinforce, and advance in-class learning encourages students to take ownership of their learning.


Extended Learning

Teach to One: Math includes several opportunities to extend learning outside of school, including:

  • Homework, personalized for each student’s Playlist
  • Watch/Practice opportunities, which provide students videos and practice problems to help prepare for upcoming lessons
  • Jolts, which are digital lessons students can access through the Teach to One: Math Portal