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Teach to One: Math was designed to meet the unique strengths and needs of every child.  Each day, students learn with a custom, personalized curriculum that meets them where they are and accelerates their learning.

Many parents have questions about their child’s experience in Teach to One: Math. The following frequently asked questions will help you become better acquainted with the program.

How is Teach to One: Math different from my child’s former math class?

Teach to One: Math helps teachers personalize your child’s learning. Instead of having a math class with 25-30 students following the same textbook and learning the same lesson at the same time, your child will have a curriculum that’s personalized to his or her unique needs.

Student Going to Class

How is my child’s experience personalized?

At the beginning of the school year, all students will take a few tests to determine the skills and concepts they already know and the ones they need to learn.  We use these tests to create a personalized curriculum with all the skills your child will learn over the course of the school year. This is called the Skill Library and it may adjust over time based on the progress your child makes.

You can see all of these skills in the Skill Library located in the Student Portal.

(Shown on the left.)

Learn more about the skills library here:

How does Teach to One: Math work?

Each class is usually 80-90 minutes long. During that time, students experience two different learning sessions each day.  At the end of the class, your child will log in to his or her Student Portal and and answer five questions about the day’s lessons. This is called an Exit Slip. This information shows what each student is ready to learn the next day and is used to create a schedule that is sent to the classroom teachers for them to review or modify based on their knowledge of each student.

Will my child only learn on computers?

Of course not. Computer lessons are just one way your child may learn. We work hard to ensure students have a good balance of learning experiences throughout the year.

Students will participate in:

Teacher-led Lessons
Small group exercises and activities
Independent online lessons

During their online lessons, teachers encourage students to take good notes and to ask questions. The teachers check in regularly to assess learning and help as needed.

How will my child interact with his or her teachers?

Your child will have the benefit of having multiple teachers in the classroom. Students will have the chance to learn with each teacher and to form relationships with them over the year. Your son or daughter will also have a Math Advisory group that will meet with the same teacher on a regular basis.

Picture of a teacher checking in with a student during independent learning -- newclassrooms.org

Does Teach to One: Math focus only on mathematical skills and concepts?

While the primary focus of Teach to One: Math is to build students’ mathematical fluency, teachers also work with students to develop the skills and know-how to think critically, to apply knowledge in real-world situations, to work with fellow students, and to learn how to learn. All these skills are critical for success in college and in life.

How can I see how my child is doing?

After school begins, you will have access to your child’s Portal username and password. The Portal gives you access to your child’s schedules, skills, progress, upcoming key dates, and history. Look at the Portal regularly with your child and talk about his or her progress together.

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