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Great teaching is vital to student success.

That’s why Teach to One: Math leverages teachers’ talents while enabling professional experiences that are more collaborative, rewarding, and sustainable than the traditional classroom model.


Collaborative Teaching

Teacher teams teach a larger group of students than would be found in a traditional model. This requires teachers to align around key instructional practices, systems, and expectations while jointly sharing in the accountability for student learning.

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Unique Daily Schedules

Teachers receive daily personalized schedules that enable them to work with groups of students with common needs each day. These schedules detail the students a teacher will work with, the Learning Modality they will facilitate, the targeted skills students will be working on, and the location in the Math Center where instruction will take place.

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Multimodal Instruction

Throughout the school year, teachers facilitate different Learning Modalities, such as Live Investigation, Small Group Collaboration, and Independent Learning. In addition, teachers are assigned a group of students in their Math Advisory to further encourage strong relationships with their students.

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Best-in-Class Lessons

Teach to One: Math includes approximately 9,000 high-quality lessons, carefully reviewed and selected from a pool of more than 80,000. The lessons span nine different Learning Modalities, allowing students to explore multiple approaches to learning. When teaching in Live Investigation, teachers can use the lesson provided or any other material they may have that relates to the assigned skill.


On-Site Support

Each partner school has a support team of technical, operational, and instructional specialists who provide on-site support to teachers and administrators throughout the school year. Schools may reduce these support services as they become more self-sufficient with implementation over multiple school years.

Teacher Portal

Teachers are able to access all of the up-to-date information they need to track learning progress, review performance history, and set goals for the future on the Teach to One: Math Portal, 24 hours a day.

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